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Type Title Creator Filename (Download) Resource Description Date
/Sound Metal-saw_Rumbling-cave Nick Cole-Hamilton NCH_wood-saw_MetalSheetRumblingCave_01.wav Metal saw dragged slowly over sheet metal 2015-11-29
/Sound Metal-screech-groan Nick Cole-Hamilton NCH_scraper_MetalScreechGroan_01.wav Groaning metallic screech 2015-11-29
/Sound Whale-toy_StringPlinkle Nick Cole-Hamilton NCH_whale-toy_StringPlinkle_01.wav Sound of wind up toy string pulled back and released gradually 2015-11-29
/Sound Sherry-bottle_Cork-pull-out Nick Cole-Hamilton NCH_sherry-bottle_CorkPullOut_01.wav Cork pulled from sherry bottle 2015-11-29
/Sound Typewriter_RibbonRattle_01 Nick Cole-Hamilton NCH_typewriter_RibbonRattle_01.wav Ribbon spool of typewriter slowly spinning to a stop 2015-11-29
/Sound Smashing Glass Finbar Wheelaghan fw_smashingGlass05_shatteredGlassImpact_01.aif 2015-11-17
/Sound Mastic Gun Finbar Wheelaghan fw_masticGun05_movingPart_05.aif 2015-11-17
/Sound Duct Tape Finbar Wheelaghan fw_ductTape03_tearingOff_03.aif 2015-11-17
/Sound Dropping Stones Finbar Wheelaghan fw_droppingStonesWood01_scatteredWood01.aif 2015-11-17
/Sound Crushing Glass 05 Finbar Wheelaghan fw_crushingGlass05_splinterCreak_05.aif 2015-11-17
/Sound Crushing Glass 04 Finbar Wheelaghan fw_crushingGlass04_splinterCreak_04.aif 2015-11-17