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2012-2013 Digital Resources

Public work produced by this year`s cohort

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Type Title Creator Filename (Download) Resource Description Date Size
/Sound AG_Dense_Sounds angeline girard AG_Dense_Sounds.zip 50 sounds and a recording log! 2013-10-29 53317 KB
/Sound Sound Design Media Tom Bestwick Sounds Library Submission one.zip Submission one as a zip file (including library of sounds, log sheet, and .. 2013-10-18 129453 KB
/Sound ag_packing_tape Angeline Girard ag_packing_tape.wav 2013-10-01 4449 KB
/Sound ag_metal_plastic_handle_01 Angeline Girard ag_metal_plastic_handle_01.wav 2013-10-01 758 KB
/Sound tb_drill_engineHum_01.aiff Tom Bestwick 01-131001_0205.aif.reapeaks a handheld drill held to a reverberant plastci bin, resulting in an egine .. 2013-10-01 31 KB
/Sound tb_bone_breaking Tom Bestwick zCarrotSnap (2).wav a carrot/bone being snapped 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound tb_Ripping_Flesh Tom Bestwick TearingFlesh (2).wav A cabbage leaf being torn apart 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound tb_Crunchy_Eating Tom Bestwick TearingCrunches (2).wav Torn Cabbage leaves being mashed together by hand, creating an eating soun.. 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound tb_Rubber_Gloves Tom Bestwick RubberGloves (2).wav A wet cabbage leaf being pulled, or the sound of squeeky rubber gloves 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound tb_Metalic_Strike Tom Bestwick MetalicStrike.wav A cocktail shaker being struck when partially filled with water 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound tb_Engine_TickingOver Tom Bestwick EngineTickingOver (2).wav The hum of a motor engine ticking over (created with a drill on the base .. 2013-09-30 18355 KB
/Sound tb_Engine_Strain_decrease Tom Bestwick EngineStrainAndDecrease (2).wav The hum of a motor engine, engine increases revs and decreases (created w.. 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound Engine_Hum Tom Bestwick EngineHum (2).wav The hum of a motor engine. (created with a drill on the base of a plastic.. 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound Drinks_Can_Being_Opened Tom Bestwick DrinksCanOpening (2).wav An irn bru can being opened 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound Crunchy Eating Tom Bestwick CrunchyEating (2).wav crunching, eating, cabbage leaves being ripped 2013-09-30 3452 KB
/Sound paper flip Angeline Girard AG_PaperDPA_01.wav 2013-09-29 1052 KB
/Sound cardboard box // marker two Angeline Girard AG_CardboardShotgun02.wav 2013-09-29 427 KB
/Sound cardboard box // marker Angeline Girard AG_CardboardShotgun.wav 2013-09-29 582 KB
/Sound jacket scrunch Angeline Girard AG_RainDPA_02.wav 2013-09-29 4120 KB
/Sound _ Angeline Girard AG_RainDPA_01.wav 2013-09-29 3670 KB